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The dive center is located right in the  middle of the natural reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio. The  natural  reserve extends over the entire south of Corsica. Thanks to our perfect  location, we are diving basically in the natural reserve.

You can find more informations about the natural reserve here...

The picturesque bay "Buona Matina" and the freshwater pool of La Chiappa offer ideal conditions for all diving courses.

The Cerbical islands are situated only 4 km offshore and can be reached quickly by RIB. The longest boatride takes about 15 minutes.

We go to about 25 dive sites with depths between 3 - 40 m up to 4 times per day.

Reefs,  wrecks, big fish wealth, giant seaspiders (may/june), conger eels, red  gorgonies, yellow crust anemones, innumerable types of nudibranchs and  of course great visibilities fill divers with enthusiasm!

The wreck "Le Pinella" in the Golf of Porto Vecchio is an ideal dive site for inexperienced divers due to its maximum depth of 12 m.
It is popular with underwater photographers.

The "Toro wreck" lies at a depth of 20 m. It sank around  75 years ago, when it run onto the Toro Reef. The reef is famous for its abundance of fish. That makes it to an unforgettable dive.

The islands Forana and La Vacca  offer sufficient protection to us in wind, strong current and rough  sea. The dive sites on these islands range from 3 to 25 m depth and are  shaped by bizarre rock formations.

The Dangerzone of La Vacca  offers great reefs like Reef I, Reef II, Aigle, The Abbys, Window Reef,  Millenium and many more. They range from 5 to 40 m depth.

The Toro Reef with  depths between 3 to 40 m impresses with outstanding underwater Canyons  and richness of marine life which gives you an unforgettable diving  experience.

Gorgonia, Helena Reef, Reef 19 and Les Arches are starting at around 20 meters and are accessible by experienced divers
(CMAS * * / Advanced OWD).

Thanks  to the favorable currents and the protection of many species and  maritime regions, one can say without doubt that the south of Corsica,  which includes the  Cerbicale Islands is one of the highlights of the Mediterranean.

Come and see for yourself!

Reef 19 and Les Arches - the most  beautiful reefs in our region! They start at approximately 19 meters,  are overgrown with imposing Gorgonies and populated with a great variety  of fish.

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