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Our dive sites
The dive center is located right in the middle of  the natural reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio. The natural  reserve extends over the entire southern tip of Corsica. Thanks to our perfect location, we are diving directly in the natural reserve.
The Cerbical islands are only 4 km away and can be reached quickly by dive boats. The longest boat ride is about 15 minutes.
The approximately 25 dive sites with depths of 3-40 m are visited up to four times a day.
Reefs, wrecks, a great abundance of fish, huge sea spiders (May/June), bear crabs, barracudas, octopus, groupers, moray eels, red gorgonians, yellow crustose anemones, countless species of nudibranchs and, of course, the great visibility excite the divers!
The islands of Forana and La Vacca offer us sufficient shelter even with windy conditions, strong currents and rough seas.
The dramatic rock formations Elephant Head, Millenium and Matterhorn are in the 3 m to 20 m range.
The reefs around the bouye Le Danger de la Vacca such as Abbys, Reef 2, La FenĂȘtre, Le Tombant and Le Doigt offer the perfect conditions for diving among large groupers, dentex, schools of damselfish and many other species, large and small.
The wreck "La Pinella" also known as "the wreck of the drunkards" is located in the Gulf of Porto Vecchio in front of the lighthouse "La Pecorella" which was the reason for the ships sinking.  With its maximum depth of 12 m it is an ideal diving area for underwater photographers but also for inexperienced divers.
The Helena Reef, Gorgonia and Reef 19/Les Arches start at about 20 metres depth and are covered with red, black and yellow gorgonias and populated with groupers, forkbeards and many other fish. It is visited with experienced divers with certifications starting at CMAS** or AOWD.
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